Friday, September 4, 2020

Tuesday Money framework - principal design goals

Tuesday Money is a policy model for Universal Basic Income.
The model includes various adjustable parameters, such as the size of the payments.
Choosing those parameters leads us to a candidate Tuesday Money Policy.
We measure success of such a proposed Tuesday Money Policy in terms of these Principal Goals.
(This image also shows the first few rules of the framework).

Seven goals in text-image are restated at bottom of page
Excerpt from Tuesday Money analysis doc

Tuesday Money is described in greater detail by our model analysis document.
It contains a statement of policy elements, parameters, and analysis goals.

For accessibility, below are repeated the same 7 goals stated as selectable text.   

Principal Design Goals

The Tuesday Money policy model is intended to potentially achieve the following goals, under suitable 
choice of parameters.  

  • PG1) Broad prosperity, shared national economic success 
  • PG2) Personal freedom to move, work, invest and innovate 
  • PG3) Reduced carbon emissions from thriving Main St. economy 
  • PG4) Stability of expectations for consumers and markets 
  • PG5) Simplified federal government and reduced bureaucracy 
  • PG6) Empowerment of individual choice and state+local discretion 
  • PG7) Policy tuning using adjustable parameters, rather than rule revisions
These goals are also stated on the first page of the model analysis doc.