Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Tuesday Money rules (3 of 3) - Eligibility

Tuesday Money rules - Eligibility

Eligibility Rules - post 3 of 3

This post focuses on eligibility rules.

The other aspects of Tuesday Money are addressed in other pages

Eligibility Categories

For purposes of this model, each person in the US is either adult (18+) or child (< 18).
All persons lawfully present in the US are entitled to a certain share amount, which
is a fraction of the "full" UBI share accorded to all resident citizen adults.  
In this model, all payments are made by a hypothetical banking entity called CMB,
which offers recipients a choice of either weekly direct bank transfer, or low fee debit/ATM card.
In either case we say the eligible recipient has a CMB account.  Eligible recipients must register 
to create this account, and no retroactive payments will be credited for the payment prior
to registration.  In our model, payments are made weekly, on Tuesday, unless it is a banking holiday in which case payment is made the next banking day.    In our model, we expect the UBI payments
to be entirely equal for all persons within a limited number of  legislated categories.  The categories are determined entirely by age and US residency + citizenship status.    

No Tuesday UBI payments are made to undocumented visitors to the U.S - they are ineligible.  
On a given Tuesday, an eligible adult is either a current lawful resident of the U.S., 
or a lawful visitor to the U.S.  An adult resident may also be a citizen, thus receiving a full UBI share.   
Adult residents may temporarily leave the US, but long absences (>    ?    days) 
trigger cessation or sharp reduction of UBI until the adult returns (not modeled further, here).   
If the visa of a documented visitor expires, UBI automatically expires with it, with limited appeals 
available to resolve mistakes and handle emergencies.  These aspects are not considered further, here.

Adult recipients who are legal guardians of children may receive additional UBI on their behalf.
The amount per child is tapered by household size, as shown below.

Tuesday Money assumes general leniency in rules for children,  while seeking to limit gaming incentives.  Citizenship status of children is not considered relevant to UBI share size, but residence / visitor status is.  Temporary guardian absence from US does not diminish resident child shares.  

Persons in Institutional Custody

Adults and children residing in custody of institutions such as prisons and mental hospitals are subject to special stipend eligibility and distribution rules.   See page ___ of the detailed model desciption.